nuances that evoke the just ripe pear, lotus, medlar, white peach, apple on a mineral background that recalls the clay and tuff.


In the mouth it is exquisite, sweet, enveloping,
caressing, with the “right” acidity, which satisfies and refreshes.

Growing Conditions

- Area of production: Poggioreale (TP) - Valle del Belice / Sicily
- Altitude: 200 mt. s.l.m.
- Vineyard extension: about 1,00 ha. (vineyard area of about 13 ha.)
- Vine age: year of planting 2011
- Density per hectare: 4.000 plants
- Rearing system: vertical trellis
- Pruning system: guyot

Techniques used:
- Fertilization with organic broad-bean in November and green manuring in
- Thinning of the vine fruits in June
- Selection of the vine fruits during the grape harvest


Grape harvest period: second half of September


4 months in steel and further in bottle


has an original opalescent straw color (consistent with the particular typology), which introduces clear and composed