Delicate aromas of orange blossom, acacia and honey


Round and full on the palate, with a surprising and lively citrussy finish

Growing Conditions

The vineyard is located in Western Sicily, near Castellammare, just east
of Marsala at about 350 metres a.s.l.. They are planted east facing
following the vertical trellis system on sandy and clay rich soil and guyot


After skin maceration for 12 hours, grapes are subject to soft pressing
and fermentation at controlled temperature (17° - 18° C.). Wine Distillate
is then added up to approx. 16° to stop the fermentation process and
preserve most of the must’s sugars.


Light yellow with hints of gold

Food Pairing

Try it as an unusual aperitif or as a long drink with some ice! Perfect pairing with cheese, fruit and desserts.