Hints of raisins and vanilla


Warm and round with an elegant background of dried fruit and raisins

Growing Conditions

- PRODUCTION AREA: Coastal strip of Marsala and lands within the province of Trapani

- SOIL: Red, dry and rIch sandy soil

- ALTITUDE: Vineyards grown at sea level and up to 300 metres above sea level

- VINEYARD: Vertical shoot positioning trellised vines with 5,000 plants per hectare

- CLIMATE: Insular with mild winters and very hot, dry summers


Manual harvest occurring after late ripening, usually around the 10th of September


Pressing of grapes with a higher sugar content to maintain the skin contact with must. Fermentation occurs at a controlled temperature to maintain the tannins and prepare the wine for the addition of “mistella” (cooked must and wine distillate)

- SUGAR CONTENT: 104 - 106 g/l


One of the secrets of quality marsala is ageing, which is why Oltre Cento ages in oak barrels of different capacities for at least 24 months.

At least 2 months aging in bottle


Amber with bright shades of light caramel

Food Pairing

As an aperitif it goes well with medium aged cheeses. The exotic scent of vanilla and licorice makes it the ideal accompaniment to delicious desserts

- Serve as an aperitif 6° - 8°, for dessert and relaxation 14° - 16°