Broad, rich and aromatic with notes of muscat, raisin and apricot jam


Sweet and soft, with great structure and persistence, intense notes of apricot and dried figs

Growing Conditions

- PRODUCTION AREA: Selected vineyards of the island of Pantelleria

- SOIL: Volcanic origin, very dark and rich in macro and micro elements

- ALTITUDE: Terraces between 50 and metres above sea level

- VINEYARD: Traditional bush-trained vines, planted in little hollows to protect them against the strong African winds

- CLIMATE: Insular, hot, dry and very windy


By hand, advanced ripening, in the second ten days of September


At least 6 months aging in bottle


After the harvest the grapes are collected to dry in the sun. “La passola” is the grape concentrated by the sun in its organoleptic richness, is then crushed and fermented slowly at a controlled temperature to give life to the Zibibbo nectar


In fine oak barrels


Intense golden yello with topaz reflections

Food Pairing

As aperitif matches well with soft, spicy cheeses and with goose liver. Excellent with ricotta pastries, cream pastries, dried fruits and nougat. Excellent meditation wine

- SERVING TEMPERATURE: As aperitif 10° - 12° C. As dessert wine and as meditation wine 16° - 18° C