Wide and rich of unique scents of honey and Mediterranean herbs like rosemary and oregano


Sweet, full and smooth, well-structured, pleasantly aromatic with sharp scents of the Mediterranean marquis, raisins and dried apricots

Growing Conditions

- PRODUCTION AREA: Malfa, island of Salina, archipelago of the Aeolian Islands

- SOIL: Volcanic origin, good presence of sand

- ALTITUDE: Coastal area, less than 50 metres above sea level

- VINEYARD: High-trained and grown on traditional terraces with a high density, more than 6,000 plants/hectare

- CLIMATE: Insular, dry and hot, with mild, rainy winters


By hand, advanced ripening, normally after the 20th of September


At least 3 months in bottle


After the grapes are picked, they are laid on the ground on fruit-drying racks made of reeds to dry for about 20 days in the sun. The raisins, rich in sugars, are pressed, left shortly on the skins and then originate the must, which is left to ferment slowly at controlled temperature until the fermentation stops naturally


At least 5 months in 225-litre fine oak barrels


Intense golden colour with copper highlights

Food Pairing

Interesting the match with blue cheeses and with goose liver. Matches well with pastries, chocolate desserts and ice-creams. Excellent meditation wine

- SERVING TEMPERATURE: As aperitif 12° - 14°C. As dessert wine and as meditation wine 16° - 18°C