Fresh and vibrant, it offers Mediterranean scents with notes of broom flowers and jasmine on the nose


Reflecting a brackish environment characterised by a high level of humidity, it reveals a “marine” organoleptic qualities, with persistent savoury and crunchy sensations on the palate

Growing Conditions

- PRODUCTION AREA: The coastal strip of the municipality of Marsala and inland in the Province of Trapani DONNA

- SOIL: Medium-textured, dry and very sandy red soil

- VINEYARD: Bush-trained in the typical “alberello marsalese” method and/or low espalier trained, with a density of at least 4,000 plants per hectare

- CLIMATE: Insular with mild winters and very hot, dry summers, marked by strong winds


Annual harvest, starting in mid-September, of over-ripened grapes that are left on the vine so that they become fully ripe and high in residual sugars and polyphenols


Powerful extraction forces come into play through the use of the traditional wine press to create musts loaded with colour, high dry extracts and intense savoury marine notes. Fermentation in cement, marked by continuous micro-oxygenation, which carries on even after fermentation, preparing the wine for its encounter with alcohol, thus initiating the “process of producing Marsala DOC”

The encounter of wine and a small percentage of ethyl alcohol derived from grapes


13 years. Marsala Vergine, aged in a small oak cask for 13 years, has its roots in the Cantina Garibaldi, 108 metres from the sea


Golden yellow

Food Pairing

Focaccia bread with butter and anchovies, bruschetta with tomato and bottarga, aged cheeses