The superb raw material used to make this wine yields a nose of extraordinary
fineness and complexity in which you can perceive scents of marasca cherry jam,
blackberries and prunes with nuances of cloves, ginger, juniper, ink and liquorice.


It displays a structure of elegant aristocracy and Mediterranean lushness, the hallmark of a vital and crisp fruit supported by a precisely balanced acidity that never steps out of line, silky, caressing and dynamic tannins of great charm

Growing Conditions

The Pianoro Cuddìa Estate, situated at the heart of the Trapani countryside, is characterised by the compact clay of its soil that complicates vine cultivation; they are extreme soils because they are rich in sodium.


Manually harvest, Perricone has low yield and the difficulty in identifying the most suitable agronomic techniques for its growth, limit Perricone’s cultivation almost exclusively to the Trapani agricultural area. It is a difficult vine to read, both agronomically and oenologically. Firriato has interpreted Perricone by selecting from old vineyards scattered across the historical areas of its production, plants with the loosest bunches and smallest grapes.


20 months


The vinification carried out in controlled-temperature
steel tanks in accordance to the red wines tradition. The malolactic fermentation is
carried out


10-12 months in French durmast barriques


Ruby red color and deep purple.

Food Pairing

Thanks to its oragnoleptic qualities, Perricone wine pairs quite versatile with many Sicilian dishes.
Other pairing tips: perfect wine for pairing vegetable soups, aged cheeses with a certain character and also for pairing with tasty red meats cooked in an elaborate way.