Fresh and powerful, it exalts clear flowery broom hints, deliciously melted together
with fruity notes of white peach


It’s a touch of Nature into mouth, discovering delicate herbal nuances and a well
defined texture. With a great personality, made of freshness and aroma, it envelops the palate in a way that only the organic farming is able to express

Growing Conditions

The clayey soils of Borgo Guarini have been selected by Firriato in order to grow Grillo grapes. Among these rows, the winery carry out green manuring practices which nourish soil with natural elements in order to improve soil pedoclimatic conditions


Manually harvest. The grapes produced in all Firriato’s estates grow according to the firm organic agriculture procedural guidelines . Since its foundation, Firriato have been focusing its attention on respecting the nature, the territory and the environment, some of the main goals so as to produce quality wines. Firriato replaces chemical fertilisers , broadly used for no-organic vineyards, with natural treatments. Weeds protect vineyards, enrich soils by supplying essential nourishment to ripen grapes and hosting useful insects to prevent parasites attacks. Firriato is accostumed to use this practice in its organic vineyards in order to safeguard vines, ensuring healthy ripe harvests, and keeping coherence both to organic project and quality attention of new labels


2 months


Traditional white vinification in stainless steel tanks, 3 months “sur lie”, on fine lees in stainless steel with daily shaking


Bright yellow with greenish shades.

Food Pairing

The fragrance and aromaticity of Grillo wine make it an exemplary wine for pairing with shellfish and fish appetizers, but also for pairing with first and second courses based on fish and vegetables.
Grillo also goes perfectly with fried shellfish, white meats, eggs, and salami