The fruit is full and well-defined; it blossoms slowly with hints of tangerine and
grapefruit, almonds, yellowfleshed fruit, melon, sage, lavender, and broom flowers,
in an exciting crescendo


its guiding light is its harmony, which unfolds softly yet confidently, gradually revealing a slight yet unrelenting and soothing minerality.

Growing Conditions

The hillside climate, with greater differences in temperature in comparison to areas on the coast, endows these grapes with a richer and more intense aromatic profile, consisting of thiols and aromatic precursors. It is a vine on the rise in Sicilian oenology, where it is usually cultivated near the coast. Firriato, however, has chosen to grow it on the hillside area of the Borgo Guarini Estate. This area is characterised by a microclimate that is subject to a marked difference in temperature, which together with the action of the wind, allows them to obtain wines with a vast aromatic spectrum during the wine making process.


The 2021 harvest in the countryside of Trapani was characterized by a rather regular climatic trend. The first months of the winter season recorded abundant rains in the Trapani countryside, ensuring a restoration of the water content in the soils, with a fairly cool spring and early summer. The budding phase appeared to be regular right from the start, with mild temperatures and limited rainfall, and the vegetative-productive development of the plants was optimal, with perfectly intact foliage and a reduction in the average weight of the bunch which favored an increase in the average quality.
The Grillo harvest began in the first ten days of September. The wine has particular floral notes, persistent and elegant.


4 months


Soft pressing, fermentation at controlled temperature , 3 months “sur lie” in stainless steel with daily shaking


Randpale straw yellow color, with lively greenish shades

Food Pairing

Grillo goes very well with fish and shellfish appetizers, with first courses with fish and vegetable dressings, with fish and shellfish main courses. It can also accompany eggs and not too tasty cold cuts.