It has an impeccable and fragrant fruit of surprising sharpness that reveals
a profusion of scents that alternate in recalling plum and blackberries, black
cherries and bilberries, cloves, black pepper, liquorice, dark chocolate and


It admirably blends all its power with expressive delicacy revealing a suave
depth; it has an assertive character that is well tempered by the silky and delightful tannins; the match between nose and palate is polished and extraordinary.

Growing Conditions

The fundamental feature of Dàgala Borromeo estate is the composition of its soils. It is a unique terroir which gives the wines grown in this area a structural complexity. This is thanks to the orographic and climatic uniqueness that distinguishes this area.


Manually harvest


6 months


The vinification is carried out in controlled-temperature stainless
steel tanks in accordance to red wines


6 months in American durmast barriques


Intense ruby red with lively purplish hues along the edges.

Food Pairing

Grilled meat, aged cheeses, Roasts Pork, Wild Mushrooms Game