A single-variety Fiano from limechalk
soils which contribute to the enhancement of the
aromatic markers of Mediterranean macchia owned
by this vine. Thus, between broom flowers and thyme,
the delicate aromas of chamomile, hay and mango
and pomelo can also be savoured.


A mineral palate with vibrantly savoury traces which quiver and quench. Then the rhythm changes to become slower and more
harmonious, an invitation to sip this outstanding white
wine with the correct quietude enjoying its every change
of tone. The finish presents a silky tactile sensation with a
refined aftertaste of ripe apricot, of almond flowers and
basil flowers.

Growing Conditions

TYPE OF SOIL: DISPENSA Moderately deep, almost no
stones, averagely limey. GURRA Limey with much chalk.
ALTITUDE: 75 m a.s.l.
YIELD PER HECTARE: 75 quintals.
TRAINING SYSTEM: Spurred cordon.
PLANTING DENSITY: 4.500 vines per hectare.
September. GURRA 15-19 September.


DISPENSA 30 August-10
September. GURRA 15-19 September.


Early January.


After picking by hand, the grapes are
stripped of stalks and sent to the press. 90% of the must
thus obtained is fermented in stainless steel and 10%
in 225 litre barrels. After a period of maturation on fine
lees, the wine is blended and prepared for bottling.


to drink at once or to age for many
years, up to 15.

Food Pairing

With no fear of being banal, with some freshly caught and grilled snapper.