On the nose the wine is original and different from others; white pepper, geranium and summer fruits, plums and ripe Noto figs.


On the palate it is soft and persuasive, the typical style of this ancient Sicilian grape variety and definitely to be experienced. The vines are still young and so also the structure of the wine, which however remains utterly original.

Growing Conditions

- VINEYARD: La Baronia. Milazzo (ME)

- TYPE OF SOIL: of alluvial origin, the soils are loose, dark, deep and with little structure, generally rich in small areas of lime.

- ALTITUDE: 30 metres above sea level.

- YIELD PER HECTARE: 65 quintals.

- TRAINING SYSTEM: Spurred cordon and supported alborello.

- PLANTING DENSITY: 5,000 vines per hectare.


18th September.




The grapes are gathered by hand into 14kg crates and as soon as they arrive at the winery pass to the sorting table for selection, then for destalking. They ferment in stainless steel and remain on the skins for 7 days at 25 ̊C with continual mixing throughout. Racking with soft pressing follows, and the wine thus obtained carries out its malolactic fermentation in stainless steel.


Stainless steel.


Deep and intense ruby red reflections.

Food Pairing

Perfectly matched with any grilled meat.