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A brief history

Welcome to our world, where every detail is examined, weighed and refined with love. A journey through the essential from the soil to the glass.

The baglio Assuli is the result of a slow and accurate renovation of an old XVIII century baglio. It was built respecting the original criteria to create a new economically efficient structure. A wide multifunctional space that extends for 10.000 m² surrounded by the countryside. Natural materials have been used to furtherly underline the strong connection with the land, the Marsala tuff, the Perlato Sicilia Cofano® and Riviera Beige® marbles from Custonaci, the traditional Sicilian Coppi, to create a structure perfectly aligned with nature, where both simple and complex shapes offer an unparalleled elegance.

A modern and BIO certified winery, where the most innovative technologies are used, and environment and land care policies are followed.
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Contrada Carcitella
Italy, Sicilia


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