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A brief history

antine Paolini has a history spanning over half a century that began in 1964 in Marsala, the westernmost city in Sicily. In a fertile territory for the cultivation of vines and for cooperation, a group of farsighted winemakers thought of combining individual forces and skills to enhance the most suitable soils and improve the production of grapes into wine. The first harvest took place in 1972 and since then the path of the winery has been continuously expanding.
The rural center once inhabited by winemakers is located in the Paolini district, from which the winery takes its name. The origins of the name are even more ancient, in fact dating back to the early 1500s when the Paolotti monastic order started to cultivate vineyards in the same places today.

What used to be the small group of winemakers is now a family of 1000 members who represent the beating heart of our business and whose grapes reach the Paolini winery here. Among the largest in Sicily, the vineyard extends for 3,000 hectares on the eastern and southern slopes of the Sicilian municipalities of Marsala, Trapani, Salemi and Mazara del Vallo. In these lands with a high vocation, the thousand winemakers pass on their passion for the vine from father to son.
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