Marvelous scents of cherry, prunes, mulberries, blackberries and blackcurrants
stand out followed by a duet with fine hints of rhubarb, cinchona, pepper, tobacco, nutmeg and dark chocolate entwined with nuances of minerals and undergrowth.


Power, elegance, lively tannins, matchless softness, freshness, all blended into a
balanced and harmonious whole that overwhelms the palate seducing with its
limpidity and extraordinary persistence and polish typical of a great wine

Growing Conditions

After 15 years of analysis and microvinification, Firriato identified three different crus in the 165 hectares of the Borgo Guarini Estate: Ferla, Lepre and Beccaccia, cultivating vines from three different Nero d’Avola clones. The complexity of the soil and climate conditions has allowed the different organoleptic characteristics of the three Single Vineyards to be highlighted.The Borgo Guarini estate is an eclectic estate with many identities. Three different orders of soil: Entisols, Inceptisols and Vertisols have been identified in this agricultural location. This area is recognised for the complexity of its climate conditions and the variety of its orography.


A Memorable vintage especially thanks to the uniform climate conditions: rainy spring and fresh summer ease slow and gradual ripeness. The particularity of summer is linked to the lack of Sirocco. July does not achieve heat peaks. At the same time marked temperature fluctuations between day and night concern all Firriato’s estates triggering aromas and fragrances development. All the mentioned elements contribute to slow and balanced ripeness of fruits. Slow phenolic ripeness triggered greater aromatic complexity together with polyphenolic stability that underlines the long ageing-orientation of the wine.


12 months


The Harmonium grapes are harvested at different times because they ripen at different times. They are vinified separately before being united into the blend behind the story of this iconic label. The vinification carried out in controlled-temperature steel tanks in accordance to the red wines tradition. The malolactic fermentation is carried out.


20 months in French and American durmast barriques


Deep dark ruby red with purplish hues.

Food Pairing

Grilled meats, with a more marked flavor - such as those of sheep, pork and bovine origin -, and with those with a more delicate flavor - such as poultry or rabbit. Game can also be best enjoyed with a glass of Nero d'Avola. Sicilian well-matured cheeses - preferably hard cheeses - are also an excellent match, such as Ragusano Dop, Caciocavallo di Godrano, Sicilian Pecorino and many others. Two great classics such as Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano also go very well with the strong and complex taste of Nero d'Avola.